I started out as a computer programmer. It was kind of strange because I went to school for main-frame computer programming and when I graduated, job placement sent me on interviews that only dealt with desktop and network programming. Now at that time, I was only familiar with the terminology of that type of programming. Somehow, I landed my first desktop programming job that I had now knowledge or experience for.

As the years followed, I was in and out of PC programming jobs and taught myself several computer languages.

But I always wanted to start my own online business.

So, after 21 years of jumping from job to job in the computer programming field, I retired due to disability and finished up with computer programming. I started looking into my dream and what it would take to start a home business.

I came across internet marketing and started to teach myself all about it. I realized there is a lot to learn. But that didn’t discourage me. As I researched further and harder, I built my first web site. It obviously didn’t go very well. So I found help through Partnership To Success and now I’m building another site as you can see. You are in it right now and I’m sure it will go much better.

I want to develop this site to help you in your building of your online business. But now I’m going to do it the right way. I going to pursue help when I need it.  have some great ideas for products that I know you will be able to put to good use in YOUR business building.

Best Regards,

Bob Gatto